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Online service for ordering and delivering food from New Zealand restaurants.

Aim of the project:

Make an order as simple and convenient as possible


In the development of the project, the emphasis was placed on corporate clients. They have a separate personal account with several roles and automatic generation of monthly bills.

Search for restaurants

In order for the user to see a list of restaurants, on the main page you need to enter the address indicating the city and the date and time of the order. The system will filter all restaurants and display only those that match the search point
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Restaurant personal account

For the convenience of the restaurateur, a personal account was developed, in which all the settings of the restaurant are entered, as well as the menu, which they can change at any time.

Restaurant personal account (menu)

Convenient interface for adding categories and dishes to them, with the ability to change the order of displaying categories for the user.

Users account of restaurant. Orders

Through the personal account, the restaurant can process customer orders in real time with the ability to leave a comment for the user.

User account of the restaurant. Transactions

All transactions of this restaurant are recorded, all transactions can be seen by the restaurant in the table, sorted by dates, types and statuses.
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Information about the project

Type of project: Food delivery website
Industry: Restaurants
Team: 6 people
Spec: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Payment: Fixed price
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