ChatBOT for
Viber Messenger

ChatBOT for Viber Messenger

Chatbot is the virtual assistant made for simulate live chat with the person and aimed to save the time and solve routine tasks for the professions such as sale-managers, and technical support.

Replies to messages

For the answers text there is a possibility to add image, URL or file, users action(continue massage chain or user’s input), email sending, if input was incorrect it will come back to previous action or open user’s input.

“Action” buttons

For each button there is possibility to change it size(depends on the 6 columns grid), it’s look(colour, icon, font), action( answer or redirect to URL).

All users, their history of interaction with chat bot and enterented massages saves in special section in the admin panel.

If user have not got the answer he or she need, user are able to fill up feedback form and contact admin, it which bot can help by providing helping questions:

How the bot works:

the main mechanism based on the finding the key words in the user’s messages and activation of pre-made actions: sending the answer or call the action button

For the filling of the chatbot was developed the algorithm that based on website structior and tasks that needs to be done

Filling bot content:

Through the system admin panel new scenarios can be created and dialog chains.


Project ChatBOT for Viber Messenger
Website WebCase ChatBot in search of Viber
Type of work Site “all-in”

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