ChatBOT for
Viber Messenger

ChatBOT for Viber Messenger

Chatbot is a virtual assistant tasked with simulating live chat with the purpose to save the time by solving routine tasks for the sale-managers and technical support.

Replies to messages

The ChatBOT allows you to add an image, URL or file, complete user actions(continue massage chain or user’s input), and send emails. It will even notify you of an error by coming back to previous action or opening the user’s input.

“Action” buttons

You have ultimate creative control over how each button looks (color, size, etc.) and functions (actions and links).

The admin panel saves all users, their history of interaction with chat bot, and verified messages.

If users feel they have not the answers they needed, they are able to fill out a feedback form and contact the admin; this will help by asking certain prompts.

How the bot works:

the main mechanism is based on the finding the key words in the user’s messages and the specific focus of activation of pre-made actions;

in essence, the ChatBOT performs SEO to assist in maintaining the website’s structure and activities

Filling bot content:

New scenarios and dialog chains can be created through the system admin panel.

Information about the project

Project ChatBOT for Viber Messenger
Website : WebCase ChatBot in search of Viber
Type of work Site “all-in”

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