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Food delivery service for a popular restaurant chain

Project goal

To increase food delivery orders
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Our team gathered the client’s requirements, analyzed existing solutions, and developed a user-friendly service for searching and ordering food from a restaurant menu with the ability to calculate price and pay for the order in a few clicks.


Choosing favorite dishes in a few clicks
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Delivery cost calculation

Users specify the delivery address in the shopping cart, and the system automatically calculates the price.
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Meal options

Users can order dishes with additional options, like sauces, dressings, etc. They also can specify the amount of these complementary products.

Dietary preferences

Some dishes have dietary options, for example, Vegetarian, Halal, etc. To make searching for diet food easy, we implemented a special filter on the catalog page.
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Purchase history

Every user sees the history of their purchases and order statuses in user accounts.
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Corporate account

Business owners can use this service to order meals for each employee and pay for the order with a deferred bank transfer. You can track each order and set purchase limits.
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Information about the project

Service: turnkey website development
Type of project: Food delivery website
Industry: Food delivery
Team: 6 members
Tech Stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Contract: Fixed price

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