Love story CRM

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system was developed by order of International Dating Agency «Love story».

In order to meet this need, we divided the website into several main categories such as customer database, employee daily work reports, work management(calendar,tasks,training), and some support sections. Each sectionhas been developed and tested.

There is a company news feed on the home page. The current news updates are displayed in expanded form. It has allowed the company to focus on major events and simultaneously provide quick access to past news articles.

Online chat
provides an internal communication.

It organizes communication via private messages or in group chat with an opportunity to upload images to the dialogue.

One of the main sections of the system are reports. All reports are divided into two groups: the individual group for employees and the general group for employers. All are closely linked with the output statistics of work done based on salary, level of employment, and implementation plans.

We created a calendar and tasks for effective distribution of working hours and monitoring assignments. The calendar allows you to schedule the case in the context of the month / week / day.


Project CRM system
Customer «Love Story» agency
Type of work site turn-key

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