Platform for safe online cryptocurrency exchange

Buyer and seller agree on the terms.

Buyer sends payment to Escrow.

Seller delivers goods or services to the buyer

Buyer approves goods or services sends payment to the seller.

Project highlights

We have developed a service for buying and selling cryptocurrency without the risk of fraud.



We had a task to develop a service that would act as a 100% security guarantee for transactions between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies that are not yet traded on exchanges.

Features :

  1. Two-factor authentication ensures secure use of the service.
  2. Bidding start feature
  • The user chooses the currency, its quantity;
  • and who pays a commission to the service;
  • Launching a chat that can be accessed with a username and password. The seller and the buyer enter the chat room at the personal invitation of the transaction regulator. Without his/her participation users can’t start negotiations.


WebSocket is a protocol that enables data exchange between the client and the server in real-time. This type of communication allows both transmitting and receiving data at the same time.

Information about the project

Project: CryptoEscrow
Industry: Blockchain
Service: turnkey website development
Tech Stack: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team: 5 members

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