Data Analysis Group - specializing in consulting services for cryptocurrencies, mining, and trading.

The main focus is to get the attention of the target audience for the company’s services. But how can you turn a layman into a subject matter expert? The easiest, most efficient way to explain these complex ideas is to show them in action. That is why our website focus’s on video presentations of the company.

Marketing with a Blog.

Sharing personal experience is the most effective way to prove your level of expertise, and the high-quality content will attract the target audience to the website.

Facebook has been the main focus in the company marketing campaign. Because of the high percentage of users that use mobile devices for web browsing, mobile responsiveness testing was in charge of this campaign.

Data Analysis Group works on the two target regions: Great Britain and Ukraine. For the user’s comfort and convenience, the website can be viewed in both’s respective languages.

Technology – python/django

We used python\django for website development, because even with its current simplicity, we expect a dramatic increase in complicated users accounts in the future.

Information about the project

Project: Data Analysis Group
Industry: Blockchain
Type of web site: turnkey website
Tech spec: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team: 6 people

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