Data Coin – a project that offers a full range of mining services.

Data Coin – rent-oriented service of mining powers, provided by ASIC-hardwares in the company data-center. MBrothers. With the complexity of mining services increasing everyday, services like this allows users to mine bitcoin without purchasing expensive hardware.

Brief description of the project

Our company is focused and committed to the following:

  • - development of a secure system that will minimize the possibility of hacked user accounts;
  • - development of multifunctional personal cabinets for users, operators, websites admins;
  • - development of an easy-to-use interface that allows users to rent needed hardware, withdraw earnings, pay for the electricity, update hardwares’ conditions, input the profit for devices relative to each hardware’s specifications, and much more;
  • - development of a profits calculator of ASIC-miners;
  • - – development of the csv data of transactions and the condition of hardware export functions.

Two-factor authorization

Because users’ sensitive, personal, and financial information is stored on the website, we understand the need to keep their account safe. To do so, we added a two-step authentication process by email and as well as a Google Authenticator.
If users enable the two-step authentication process, it will confirm his\her email and mobile phone number, which, in the process, will also confirm his\her personality. With this, they will be given a unique code with every log in attempt.

Personal user account

Clients have a multifunctional personal cabinet with easy-to-use interface that is accurate, glamourous, user-friendly.

In a user’s personal account, they can:

monitor the hours of use of th rented hardware and the amount of funds dispensed to the client:

filter and search the transaction history:

create applications for withdrawing funds or renting hardware:

In the admin personal account, admins are able to input profits based on the hardware’s status. After this is completed, input will be blocked until next day: When the status is changed to “offline”, funds are not accumulated, and users are able to see how many hours the hardware was in use in their personal account.

In the admin personal account admin are able to input profits due to the hardware mode, after this input will be blocked until next day:

In the admin personal account admin are able to input profits due to the hardware mode, after this input will be blocked until next day:

Calculator of profitability of ASICs

On the website homepage, users can easily calculate profit from any ASIC-miner. They can also calculate pure profit by filtering out electricity and hosting costs.

We obtain our data using a highly reliable calculator and the respective API provided by the two most popular services ( and

Information about the project

Project: Data Coin
Industry: Blockchain
Type of work: Site “all-in”
Technologies: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team: 5 people

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