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Online store for London School of English. The first joint project with the Anglo-Ukrainian holding, which will become part of the educational ecosystem.

The goals of the project are :

  • to develop a multifunctional online book store;
  • make the purchase of goods as comfortable as possible;
  • build a flexible marketing system for retail and wholesale buyers.


When we were developing this online platform for selling books, we created the following modules:
  • online catalog with individual filters;
  • tracking of goods;
  • integration with the company's accounting system;
  • marketing tools: promotional codes, promotional products, new items;
  • dynamic price for different types of users.

Catalog of Goods

Due to the fact that the company is not only engaged in retail but also in wholesale books, the introduction of the catalog was able to simplify the order of goods for dealers and reduce managers' time to process each application

Product Search

Web-catalogue contains more than 10 000 000 titles, so it has a lot of filters that allow user to find necessary goods in 3 clicks maximum.

Quick and easy search is achieved by adding multi-functional filters on the website of the online store. Products can be filtered by: price:

  • product type;
  • by year of publication;
  • by name of publisher;
  • by type of price.

Integration with 1C

Integration with 1C customer's accounting system "1C warehouse" was made in order to simplify the unloading of goods on the site.

Thanks to this integration all data about the goods are automatically uploaded to the online store. Information from the site into the system about the number of ordered books is also sent automatically.

Marketing tools

To increase sales on the platform were created next elements
  • dynamic price depending on the bonus program and discount;
  • promotional code;
  • a percentage discount depending on the number of books purchased;
  • a gift, when clients order a specific product.


One of the main trends in SEO optimization in 2021 is MOBILE-design. While our team was developing this project, we started with the mobile layout then we moved to the layout for the PC

Integration with Social media

Customers of the online store can sign up with Google and Facebook accounts. This simplifies the process of authorization and data recovery for users.

Personal Area

The site has a specific client's area. Due to this element, clients have access to the following opportunities to:
  • change personal data (name, place of delivery)
  • view the basket and orders that were made earlier;
  • see the bonus program (customers will be able to view discounts, gifts);
  • track the location of the goods

Wish list

In case when the online store does not have the necessary type of goods, the site has a wish list to track it. After the customer adds books to this section, the system saves the goods you need and sends a message to the client via email when the goods arrive at the warehouse about their availability.


Due to the development of the online store "London School of English" was able to close several corporate tasks, namely improving customer focus, increasing turnover.

Ordering books for wholesale distributors became faster and easier, which reduced the time for processing each request and increased the number of sold goods.

In the future, this store will become part of the company's unified system, which will include an online store, an online school, and an online portal.

Information about the project

Type of the project: Online store
Industry: Ecommerce
Team: 8 people
Technology stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
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