Ukranian start-up «Let’s ride»

This is something new in the cars renting field. Interesting project with big growing potential.

Task, that was given to us – to develop website which allows easy to and and find the car. To reach this purpose, offering system was developed, that gives opportunity to find needed offers for different cars.

But if the needed car can not be find on the website, you can always use request system. Every user is able to make or subscribe to already made request. When the car will appear all users that are looking for this car will get the message.

In the goal to make the most comfortable service for every user, car verification functionality was developed. Also on every can page you can find the reviews with admin moderation, and owner can answer to every review he or she got.

Information about the project

Project Let's go ride
Type of project Start-up
Industry Car rent
Tech specs JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team 7 people

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