Client: digital-agensy “SERVICEPLAN Ukraine”

Client communication platform “Eko system”

System goal: platform the can combine different communication types for company manages and clients (feedback forms, VOIP, social networks), and also possibility of fast communication between different company departments, that helps in solving problems

Goal - automatization, structuration centralizing data storage, documenting and formalization and communications with the client.

ТМ “Nutricia”, for which this system was developed, have got a lot of sites, with one goal: “Organize quality clients service”. We had the task to develop the platform which allows to work in one place with issues and feedbacks from clients, and save right department relationships and to be the data storage.
The most important way of communication is calls. To solve this task we integrate platform with VOIP, than allows pre-filling all forms with the first call from the client and recording the call for better control and client service improvement.
Every department must work with different clients issues, to reach with task we have developed role division. When the message goes to the system, depending on the title, it goes to the specific department. If the client mistook, the message will be redirected manually depending on the message content.
Often clients ask some typical questions about baby treatment, pregnancy etc. To give the detailed answer to the client, we developed “library” incide the platform where all answers to those question are contained, links to them are attached in the answer letters to the clients.
If the solving clients problem need the specialist that absent in the company structure it is possible to invite him to the conversation with “read only” rights
All that was written above just a little piece from the whole system functionality, but clients always in need of better service and with those needs this system will be growing until all communication scenarios will be developed.


Project Client communicating platform “Eko system”
Client digital-agensy “SERVICEPLAN Ukraine”
Website www.com.nutricia.ua
Type of work development from scratch

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