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EMOZZI – gifts and experiences marketplace

Project goal

To develop a user-friendly project for interaction between customers, dealers, and suppliers.


We’ve developed a marketplace for selling certificates for both individual services and sets of ‘emotions’ with related products. We built a module for certificate generation with the option of their further activation. We also enabled all necessary features for working with orders, certificates, and mutual settlements between dealers, providers and the company itself.

Catalog of emotions

There are three types of goods in this project: emotions, sets, and related goods. Within the product types, there is an additional division. There are standard, fountains, and handmade sets. They differ in the way they are formed. For example, handmade are created by the users themselves.
EMOZZI каталог

Customer account

In the client's user account you can change personal data, fill out the address book, add products to the wishlist, check the history of orders, activate the purchased certificate, or exchange it for bonuses.
EMOZZ личный кабинет клиента
EMOZZI наборы

Provider account

In the provider’s user account, there is an option to get information about the records and to confirm or cancel the visit. In the sales history tab, there’s information about mutual settlements.
EMOZZI личный кабинет провайдера
EMOZZI корзина

Dealer account

Dealers can place an order for a customer and change the information (payment status, delivery). There is also an option to generate and print certificates. Similarly to the provider, there is information on mutual settlements.
EMOZZI личный кабинет диллера

Certificate generation module

System generates both electronic and printable certificates. Certificates contain QR codes and barcodes for further easy handling.
EMOZZI сертификаты

Admin account

Admin account has a rich functionality to work with the website. All information is conveniently structured. Admins can add, edit, and delete all objects on the website. Stats are displayed in the form of tables and charts.
EMOZZI личный кабинет администратора

External integrations

Accounting, affiliate Programs, LiqPay, SendPulse, Leeloo, Woodoos, Facebook, Google, Odoo.
EMOZZI мобильный

Information about the project

Project: Emmozi
Type of project: Online marketplace
Service: turnkey website development
Industry: eCommerce
Team: 7 members
Tech Stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Contract: fixed-price
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