Evrozakaz: delivering goods from Europe

Evrozakaz (“Euro-order”) is a reliable intermediary shipping service in Germany that helps people from various countries buy and deliver goods from Europe.


to make a convenient service that performs two-way interaction between the Customer and the Vendor

to automate the order-taking process to avoid mess and confusion

to launch a trigger mailing list that notifies users about all activities on the website

Key Features:

We built two types of user accounts: for the website manager and for the buyers. The user goes through data verification. There is a separate registration option for legal entities and individuals.

order placement

parcel formation

We took into account the fact that users can buy several products from one store. So they can combine parcels into one order in the personal account and not overpay for shipping.

The list of payment transactions (e-accounting). Each user has access to his payment history. So, mutual settlements are transparent and buyers have no complaints and questions to the website administration.

Tracking parcel by tracking number: DHL

Online stores directory with the option to filter out unnecessary ones and find what you need

Current discounts and sales:

Users have the option to calculate the order based on MF parcel or order, price, delivery within Germany, type of packaging, extra services: order verification, shopping photos, insurance, recipient country, and postal service.

Manual product search

Integration with the most
popular payment services in Europe:

There is also an option to top up the balance via SWIFT transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions section:

Information about the project

Project: Evrozakaz ("Euro-order")
Industry: goods delivery
Service: turnkey website development
Tech Stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Team: 6 members
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