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Corporate website for Molecular Medicine Company commissioned by “Wabes” Digital Marketing Agency

Project goal

Website development for a Canadian company that supplies molecular and bioengineering solutions for stem and immune cell expansion for one-time therapies for patients with hematological malignancies, autoimmune, and other diseases. The project’s goal is to tell about the essential and complex technologies in a simple and clear way.
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We paid special attention to design. Visualization is the most effective way to transfer information. Studies show that people grasp only 70% of information from textual descriptions. With images, the result increases to 95%. That's why, we presented information in a structured way and used many infographics with animation effects.


We used a non-standard, creative approach to implementing the homepage and website navigation. Switching between pages is done by clicking or tearing off the "flower petal".

About the company

The animated page contains information about what the company does, the history of its growth, and the introduction of its experienced and balanced team.
Excellthera про компанию
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“Technologies” is the most interesting page. It has just three screens and showcases the technology that the company uses.
Excellthera технологии
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We built a page by dedicating a separate screen for each technology into and applying animation to its content.
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Multiple languages

Canada has two official languages—French and English. So we implemented a multilingual UI. The feature of the project is minimum information, maximum clarity. We paid particular attention to the mobile version of the website. To ensure a great user experience, we made a completely original design and used a novel approach in building the mobile layout. We also developed an additional menu for navigating through the pages.
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Information about the project

Client Digital Marketing Agency “Wabes"
Industry: Medicine
Team: 5 members
Contract: fixed-price
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