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American online store selling branded irons for burning logos and other elements of corporate identity on various household items: wood, leather, plastic and even dishes (barbecue, burgers, toasters, etc.).

Project goal:

Our team was faced with the task of developing an online store that includes not only the standard functions of ordering, purchasing and delivering goods, but also allowing the user to create their own brand for the future iron using an online logo designer.


To achieve the set goals, our team collected all the wishes of the client, studied the market, made a technical task and a prototype. On this basis, the website design was developed, and the development was divided into separate iterations.

Online- logo designe

Realizing that the highlight of this online store is the ability to create your own logo online, our designer developed its templates, and the front-end and back-end developers, using libraries for converting svg images, created a full-fledged online designer functionality. In the admin panel, it is possible to add new fonts and icons, divided into categories. The user also has the opportunity to indicate the name of the company, the slogan and the field of activity and select up to three icons he likes. Based on this data, the system will generate a huge variety of logos. The user can save the logo they like in their personal account for later use when ordering a branded iron, as well as download it in svg format.
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Product configurations

Each of the products offered on the site is quite specific, so our team divided all products into categories (embossing irons, electric irons, heated irons, etc.) and types depending on the application (wood, plastic, food, leather). On the product page, the user assembles the product, like a designer, choosing the embossing depth, material, indicating the width and length of the future product (all of the above attributes affect the cost).
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Integration with third party services

To implement a full-fledged online store, the main market of which is located in the USA, integrations with many services were configured:
  • (UPS) and USPS have been included for shipping,
  • for online payment - PayPal and Paypal's Payflow (for credit card payments),
  • to subscribe to news - Mailchimp,
  • to attract new users to the company's social page networks, Instagram and Pinterest Feeds have been added
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Social authorization

For the convenience of registration and authorization on the site, the functionality of social authorization through Facebook and Google using Oauth2 technology has been added.
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Information about the project

Project: Gearheart Industry
Kind of the project: Online store
Industry E-commerce
Team 5 people
Specs: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Payment: Fixed price

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