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Mattress workshop Gash. Custom mattresses manufacturer.

Project goal

To make buying mattresses easy and well informed
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A mattress is a complex object with many variations (weight, height, firmness scale, sagging), and its price depends on the size and composition (layers of different thickness in a well-defined, unique sequence). Users can design their own mattress and learn the most important information about it.

Mattress builder

Gash takes into account lots of parameters (size, firmness scale, sagging, price) and makes a design based on any mattress available in the catalog. Users can send standard mattresses to a builder and modify them as they like.
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Mattresses and accessories directory

A mattress catalog with a complex filter in which the parameters depend on the selected size, cover, and gluing mode. There is also an option to filter results in 1 click.
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Client User Account

Users can change profile details, sign up for newsletters, specify their mattress preferences for 1-click filtering, and fill in the address book for delivery in their personal accounts. Users can design and save a mattress for later use on the website (refinement or purchase). Wishlist and order history are also available. If a customer buys a mattress in a user account at certain intervals, the system will offer to pass the survey on how the mattress shows itself in exploitation. Based on these reviews, the system forms mattress ratings for different periods of time.
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Employee User Account

We implemented limited access to the admin panel with custom functionality for different company's employee roles: administrator, manager, seamstress, fitter, delivery person.
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We integrated payment systems with the installment option, email newsletter system, image optimization service, and authorization via social media.
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Information about the project

Service: turnkey website development
Type of project: Online store
Industry: eCommerce
Team: 6 members
Tech Stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Contract: Fixed price
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