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Website development for the British startup. Which calls people to share their knowledge, and encourage it.

What is KNODE?

Functionality of content sharing(video and articles) - Knode, was developed. That allows to every single user to share something this others.

And for users, who can share some interesting learning material or something like that, courses category was developed. Every user can add a course.

And if their courses will be interesting they can earn good money on it.

Customer's feedback:

Faisal Amjad
"KNOW" Education Platform Founder

The site built by WEBCASE is high-quality and polished. It was well-received by beta testers during its soft launch, receiving unanimously positive feedback.

WEBCASE were flexible partners, meeting most deadlines and budget targets, and communicating effectively despite geographical distance.

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Project Educational startup
Type of work Front-end and back-end developmentе

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