B2B platform for buying and selling land

"Kupi Pai" is a project that helps investors buy agricultural land. By the way, they ensure the safety of all stages of the transaction from the selection of land to leasing it to agricultural holdings.

The goal of the project:

To make a comfortable online service for purchasing and selling agricultural land for all parts of the deal: Investor - Land Owner - Agroholding.

Technical solutions:

  • launched an interactive web catalog of land plots;
  • developed user accounts for all participants of the deals(Investor - Land Owner - Agroholding.)
  • integrated the B2B platform with the state registry;
  • connected authorization using Bank-ID.


While our team was developing the project, they faced the problem of collecting and synchronizing the old and new base of Ukrainian registries. Despite this problem, we were able to display the relevant information on the site.

In addition, the project has another complicated technical component, namely several roles of users. For each of them was created a separate area. Each user account displays different information depending on the type of profile under which the user enters the site.


Users can quickly find the necessary object with the interactive maps of land plots. The search is possible by cadastral number, filter by location, price, and the area of the land plot

Integration with the cadastre

One of the main features of this project was the integration of the site with the Ukraine cadastre. By connecting this service, it was possible to automate getting data from a governmental source and displaying it on the site.

Website manager get access to information about:

  • cadastral number of the plot;
  • property rights and rights of ownership;
  • Information from the state register of rights to real estate.


This component has been developed to control the number of deals and suggestions published on the platform. It allows controlling the data about:

  • the total amount of ha on the ads;
  • the number of all the ads on the platform;
  • the number of closed deals;
  • the price of all land plots, which are on the site.

Salling of land plots

The possibility to add new land plots on the platform is available for two user roles on the site. It can do managers of agricultural holding and owners of the land plot .

Due to the integration site with the state registry, information about each land plot is automatically pulled up, which reduces the time required to fill in all the fields about an object.


Thanks to the integration with the cadastre, the company can provide detailed information about a land plot for a corresponding fee.

Firstly, the user chooses a specific service and land plot, then he pays for the service through Liqpay and within a few working days, he receives a report at his mailbox.


Only authorized users can view the available objects and make transactions. There are two ways of authorization: with Bank-ID or after moderation by the administrator.

The first option allows you to register on the platform within a few minutes, the second option can take up to several days, depending on the workload of the manager.

Land share owner

The owner of the unit, as well as the manager of the agro holding, can add a land plot for sale, but unlike the agro holding, he must monitor his ads and interest independently from other buyers

Agricultural company's user account

Agricultural company's user account

There are a lot of large agro holdings on the platform, whose land bank exceeds tens of thousands of hectares, so the company's manger must controls the process of buying and selling all the plots that are published by the particular agro holding.

This filed displays a list of all added advertisements and employees on the platform.

Agriholding's Manager field

The Agriholding Manager has a special role on the platform. He controls the publication and removal of all land plots on the site of the particular holding. In addition, he monitors interest from investors and buyers.


This user account differs from others because the investor is the person who plans to buy land and rent it out.

There is the wish list of the land plots which correspond to the investor's interest by location and price. Еach plot shows the possible rate of return, in case of its further renting out.

An investor can add land plots to the personal cabinet for further comparison to analyze the rate of return and the attractiveness of the location of one or another plot.

In addition, investors have the opportunity to mark on the map the area where they would like to buy land. When a unit owner adds an object to the map in the investor's area of interest, the latter will automatically receive an email message about the appearance of the object in the area that he is interested in.


Thanks to the development of this platform, the company "KUPI PAY" was able not only to increase the number of transactions for the sale of land but also to expand its customer base, namely small farmers.

Information about the project

Type of the project: Service for the saling land plots
Industry: Real estate
Team: 8 people
Technology stack: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
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