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Forest Glade

“Forest Glade” is a big residential housing in the Astana suburban territory, that consists of 123 new buildings. Forest Glade offers a unique option to find the best match out of 1,300 variants, in a few steps by choosing the right building, section, floor and construction plan.

«Forest Glade» – is a big residential buildings in the Astana suburban territory, that consist of 123 new buildings and offer to the client to find the best option from 1300 variants,in a few steps by choosing the right building, section, floor, planning.

Website goal:

Out team had the task to develop interactive solution for finding apartment in the town, that consist of 123 buildings with 1300 apartments. the deadline for this task was really short – 1,5 month.


Depending on the number of buildings and apartments, a typical solution with manual planning positioning may take around a half a year of hard front-end and back-end development. Webcase Studio developed the unique online builder allowing to find the location of all real estate objects automatically and add them to the website due to the well-designed template.

Online buildings construction. Step by step:

Positioning for more than 3,000 objects (if delivered in a standard way), like it has been completed during “Aksioma” website development, , may take around 120 months of non-stop development. But we have found the solution, that can be used in the similar real estate projects in the future – online buildings construction:
First of all, we prepared renderred graphics for all buildings and apartments according to the following standards as shown on picture below:
Step 1. A data template for correct data import for apartments, floors, sections, buildings, lines has been created:

Step 2. Added upload option for adding real estate data to the admin panel, where manager only needs to upload two files:

-xsls document with all names and objects characteristics including area, price, rooms, location and picture names for all images corresponding to the data;

-zip – with all images in .svg and .png formats.


Webcase Studio has create a unique real estate 2D interactive app, with an incredible builder on the back-end, allowing to create interactive interface within several clicks. The web app allows to perform apartment search that starts from the choice of the desired building right on the map,and user can choose everything including section, floor, planning with visualization of the search results. Now filling content for the entire web app takes only a few minutes. Enjoy Forest Glade, try 2D tour.

Адаптивная версия поиска квартир на сайте

В связи с тем, что около 90% посетителей сайта переходят на него, используя при этом смартфоны и планшеты, нами была разработана адаптивная под мобильные устройства версия подбора квартир. Так, используя удобный фильтр и сортировку, пользователь всего в два клика сможет найти подходящий ему объект недвижимости:

Information about the project

Industry Real estate
Type of project turnkey website"
Tech specs JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team 7 People
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