“League of laugh”

Official website for the “studio 95th kvartal” comedy show “The League of laugh”

The website contains not only all information about leagues and team from all show’s seasons, but the possibility to sing up for the young team and take part in the show.

League of laugh website was created for collecting all the information about leagues and teams from the very beginning of the show in 2015. It gives opportunity to the fans to watch for show’s current events, find needed information fast with the help of developed filters, and also know all about future show’s events.

For fans
For potential participants
Young and talented comedians from Ukraine and other countries have the opportunity to take part in the future League of laugh festivals using functionality that we have developed. To reach this goal useful personal account area for the team was developed. Important that all information for the teams, for example – casting time and date, can be send though admin panel directly to team personal account in two or three mouse clicks.
For event managers
This website target not only fans and teams, but also advertisers. The league of laugh website gives opportunity to invite the show’s stars as the hosts for your event using feedback forms.
For website admins
Besides the standard admin-panel functionality, that allows to edit all content on the pages, we have develop the data export about the participants – data can be download in one moment in Excel format that is very handy to use. Also admin panel allows sending messages to the participants personal account.


Project Official website for the comedy show “The League of laugh”
Client Studio “95th kvartal”
Website www.ligasmeha.com
Type of work Development from scratch

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