Local Moving Service

ERP system development from scratch for cargo company Local Moving Service

The task, that has been delivered to us is: automaze the working process of the company, simplify communications between employees, and centralize: statistic, requests control, all possible accounting information.

Comfortable order check, allows always know about order status. Alert system allows manager know about order problems (absence of employees on the day before order start, refuse from employees, conformation from client etc)

seful salary calculation system, after order ending, automatically calculate salary to the employees, create weekly and monthly reports. In the same time, the next tab collects employees data, create employer account, documents every payment to the employer.

In statistics tab functions for control the company status was developed such as: statistic about managers work , marketing sources statistics, financial balance of the company, with all incomes and outcomes.

In the case all cars must be with all needed inventory and consumables the functionality of questionnaire was developed. On daily basis it is filled by drivers through their personal account/ This information goes to the managers.

Comfortable personal account simplify the work for the employers. In which employees have all needed information: salary, history of bonuses and fines, list of jobs they were choosing for, and also rating page. On this page employees can rate their colleges, that shows with whom they want to work, it have influence on their allocation on the work.

Jobs list

On the replacement of the paper documents comes digital documentation. And this case in not an exception. To reach this task, phased system of working control was developed. In which all details about order shows, starting with client name, ending with extra features and price. After filled, all data goes to the user page, where they filled in the contract's template. Digital signification system gives the juridical force to the contract.


Client Local Moving Service
Project ERP system
Website https://movers.place
Type of work Project "all in"

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