Actual currency exchange course for every city.

New business sectors need to capitalize on technological innovations if they want to stay trendy. These innovations have affected and currency exchange sector as well. That is why the company “OBMENKA.DP.UA” came to us for their website development. They wanted something that will allow them to inform their clients about current currency exchange course and also give to them related information.

For the client’s comfort, we developed functions like currency pair statistics,easy to use exchange calculator, booking form that allows clients to book courses, and ensure that they will always be able to buy\sell money by the course that they saw on the website.

Due to the unstable nature of the currencies courses and to esnure the fast and effective dispersal of the changing courses information, we developed a system of integration between the website and Google Sheets. It allows users to change courses fast, and it will immediately appear on the website.

Information about the project

Industry: Currency exchange
Type of work: site turn-key
Tech specs: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team: 5 people
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