Online Petition Center

A social project supported by the United Nations, aimed at the development and improvement town - Druzhkivka and districts and towns which are located close to this city

The aim of the project

To develop a portal that allows residents to send a petition to the authorities about problems and suggestions how to improve the sity where they live.


This project was created from scratch. The comfortable search of a district or a city was developed due to interactive map and search by settlements. Users only need to enter their data and e-mail to register on the site.

Administration panel

This functional module allows to control all main processes on the site:
  • moderation of all users;
  • view and change the status of the request;

Interactive Map

Thanks to the multifunctional interactive map, people who live in the area can find their locality and select the object for sending petitions. All submitted petitions and their status are displayed on the map and are marked with the particular color(green in process/ red not accepted yet)


Registration on the site is possible by entering personal data and e-mail. We have added the encrypted HTTPS and oauth2 protocol to ensure the security of the site. The site administrator can not view the personal data of users.

The user's account allows to

  • change personal data;
  • regain access to the account;
  • see the status of the request.
This resource allows attracting people with an active life position. The administration of the site receives new petitions every day in which residents offer solutions to current problems and opportunities for the development of the region.

Information about the project

Type of the project: Online service for sending petitions
Industry: Goverment website
Team: 8 people
Technologies: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
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