CRM-system for "PETHEALTH" company

The automation systems of all main business processes in the clinic "PetHealth". With this application, clients can make an appointment online and this system greatly simplifies the control and management of pets coming into the clinic.

The goal of the project:

The goal of the project:
  • reduce the processing time of each referral to the clinic;
  • systematize all data;
  • to make ordering services more convenient for clients.


  • an area for interaction between clinic specialists and pet owners;
  • making an appointment with a doctor;
  • a unified database of all appeals to the company;
  • pet's disease history;
  • multifunctional online chat;
  • functionality for monitoring and billing the occupancy of all doctors.

Employment schedule

This module allows planning the employment of all doctors for several months in ahead.

The head of the staff at the hospital can track the annual workload of each subordinate and that all specialists in each treatment category always remain in the clinic.

During the workweek, it is possible to make the workload for each doctor, so that several operations do not happen/match at the same time.

Making a Doctor's Appointment

With this interactive dashboard, pet owners select the time and doctor whom to whom they want to make an appointment. This saves the manager time required to process and manage each request.

Pet owner's personal area

This module has been created with the aim to give users the possibility to choose the service they need.

The functionality displays the whole history of client interactions with the clinic. Clients can see information about the time appointed for surgery, the number of services provided, and their cost.

Communication with a doctor

The post-operative treatment and care of your pet require consultations from veterinarians, so the platform consists an online chat. It allows you to communicate with the doctor 24/7. Doctors can provide you with the most up-to-date information about your pet's condition.

Authorization through social networks

This site provides automatic authentication in a couple of clicks through social networks. Users can do so with:
  • Gmail;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter.

Doctor's user account

This technical module displays the information about operation and dressings which were made for the animals.

This helps doctors to give relevant recommendations regarding the pet's treatment after the illness and monitor the progress of pet's recovery.

Pet files

This section displays a list of all pets that are being treated now and who have been treated earlier at the clinic. You can find information about the pet and the pet's medical history. It helps doctors to provide the right advice during post-operative care. The cards contain information about:
  • medical histories;
  • test histories;
  • vaccination records;
  • general information about the animal.

Inpatient Care

With this module, we have automated the calculation of animals who are treated at the clinic.

The single dashboard displays information about the list of all pets, the date of their admission and discharge and diagnoses and appointments.


This technical element displays important upcoming clinic events. These can be surgeries, consultations, or monthly meetings. Thanks to it, clinic managers control the implementation of all tasks.

Administrative panel

CMS-system was developed in order to see the whole picture of the business. It gives the opportunity to:
  • moderate new clients;
  • add new types of users;
  • edit information;
  • view the effectiveness of the clinic.

Further development of the project

Modern IT solutions have significantly increased the basic profitability indicators of the company, so this platform has moved to the second stage of development.

It is planned to connect IP telephony and payment systems to the existing platform during the second stage. In addition, it is planned to create the accountant's user profile and automate the calculation of the cost of services. This will allow automating processes related to payroll and commercial activities of the clinic.

Information about the project

Project type: 1. CRM system
Industry: Medicine
Team: 8 people
Technologies: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django

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