B2B portal for Pnevmat

Company's customers can find and order the necessary goods in a few clicks, despite the fact that this web catalogue contains more than 300 thousand items. The system automatically calculates product availability, delivery time and cost of goods in local currency.

The goals of the project are:

  • to create a single area that gives the opportunity to link all company applications;
  • to make the ordering of products as comfortable as possible;
  • reduce the average time for processing one order due to automation of some processes.


Our programmers created a unified web application that allows potential customers to find the most suitable type of pneumatic equipment among more than 300,000 items. The company's managers receive up-to-date data on stock levels and product location.


Thanks to the lanching B2B portal, customers of the "Pnevmat" company have the opportunity to choose the necessary type of pneumatic equipment online through the product catalog.

The website has a significant number of products, so our team has developed several individual filters to simplify search on the site.

Categories and Search Bar

When we were creating this web platform, our team paid attention to comfortable navigation for users. The site has a search module, visual categorizer and online chat for a quick consultation.

This system has an impressive number of subcategories, which can number 5-6 subspecies of a particular device.

Comparison of the product

The large variety of pneumatic equipment can be a confusing and difficult fact to potential customers when they look for the right object, as technical products may have similar parameters.

We have developed a comparison module to avoid this problem. It ​shows the differences between the products.

Integration with 1C

When Our programmers were creating a B2B portal "PNEVMAT", they made a two-way integration with 1C. Information about the status of products, their availability in stock, bills of lading, contracts, personal discounts for customers is transmitted from the company's accounting system to the site.

We send from the B2B portal to 1C: customer ID, selected goods, place and method of delivery.

Automation for managers and logisticians

Delivery time calculation

One of the main tasks of the project was to give customers up-to-date information about the delivery time, as the company's goods are placed in different warehouses located in several countries.

Our team has developed a module that monitors stock levels and selects the closest warehouse to the customer's delivery location. Thus, the customer immediately sees the delivery time of each product, despite the distributed method of storage.

Cost of goods

The main factory of pneumatic equipment is located in Poland. In order to provide customers with up-to-date information about the cost of goods in hryvnias, we made integration with the service of the exchange rate in Ukraine. it is called the NBU(National Bank of Ukraine). The price is changed automatically every hour and change the price of goods depending on the exchange rate.

Seo Optimization

Our team has developed the SEO module from scratch, as this web catalogue consists of an impressive number of products, which increase every day.The system automatically generates Title, Description, Metadata for each page of the site based on information about the product.

It could have taken up to several years to enter this data manually without using this module


Ordering products on this platform is only possible for corporate customers. Users of the site can become a partner of the company after they fill out the necessary registration form. Clients should wait for the administrator's confirmation, then they are able to choose and order products which they need

Client's area

Users see all data related to the process of ordering and receiving products in this field. They can check delivery status and the final cost of the ordered goods.

Search by order

In addition, the personal account provides intelligent filters for goods that have already been ordered. This helps customers to quickly find the product and prepare the required amount for payment.

Wish List

This technical component is developed to allow customers to do additional analysis before they purchase pneumatic equipment.

The final result

"Pnevmat" company was able to significantly improve service due to the implementation of the B2B platform. Furthermore,the company's key indicators, namely the number of processed orders, the number of units sold, and the turnover rate, have also increased.

Information about the project

Type of the project : B2B -portal
Industry: Wholesale
Team: 8 people
Technologies: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django

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