Feeding up

Client: digital-agency SERVICEPLAN Ukraine

Parents-helper website “Feeding up”

Wesite task: Help the mother in choosing and controling the right diet for her child based on a professional’s recommendations and MOH instructions.

Goals: Guide visitors through the certain stages of sales funnel: information, interest, and first purchase. Increase brand knowing to the website visitors.

When you have a baby, you will also have a lot of responsibility and questions. One of them will most likely be, “What can my baby safely eat?” It is here that “Feeding Up” comes in handy. Depending on the pediatrician recommendations, baby’s diet specialists, and MOH instructions, age, and allergies, our client developed a strict list of products that are safe for a baby to eat.
Next, we had to develop an algorithm that can use such indicators as allergic, most favorite, or least favorite products. Based on those, we wanted to be able to build the products list and the list of replacements (ТМ “Milupa” и ”Nutricia” products) that the baby will both like and need.
The value and relevance of this project cannot be in doubt; every new parent wants to have a helper like this. Because of that, we have developed step-by-step instructions that can help the user to understand the extent of website's functionality.
For user comfort, we developed feeding charts with products that were recommended by specialists. They can be downloaded as a picture to the smartphone or shared on Facebook, Viber or Gmail.
Besides creating a feeding calendar and saving it as the picture or sharing on social networks, we have integrated it with Google calendar. Its alerat will ensure you won't miss a single feeding time.
Users will also be able to know how much products from the list he\she needs to buy depending on the week in the feeding calendar. We developed a functionality that allows you to form the buying list for the week, save it as the picture, or share on the social networks.


Project Parent-helper website “Feeding-up”
Website www.prikorm.org
Client digital-agensy “SERVICEPLAN Ukraine”
Type of work Front-end and Back-end

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