Sharing Fashion

Service for renting fashionable clothes


Our company had been set a task to develop a platform for renting women's clothing, where users can book clothes, pay for a tariff plan, and send a refund request.


To develop the technical requirements, our team has created an online store with additional features that makes this project unique. In particular, Our front-end and back-end developers had implemented on the website: - an online constructor for creating an image; - a user's account with the ability to track orders and their statuses; - the ability to connect / cancel subscriptions, send an application for the return of clothes by courier.


On the platform, the user is offered two tariff plans for renting fashionable women's clothing: ready-made outfit from stylists and his own outfit. Each of the tariff plans is divided into levels (S, M and L), which determine the rental period and the number of things that can be ordered at one time.

Rent of goods

Rent of goods is the main feature of the platform, which differs it from a simple online store. To implement this functionality, our team has developed the logic of renting clothes, which includes: limitation on the rental time, the number of things which can be available for one user, penalties in case of delaying rental payments and damaging things.

User's personal account

The user's personal account includes the following sections:

  • personal data with the possibility to edit it and add new delivery addresses;
  • tariff plans with information about the active plan, the functionality of its renewal and moving to another;
  • balance management with the ability to view the current active balance, penalties and online payment function implemented through the API of Tinkoff Bank;
  • things in rent - this page displays a full description of the wardrobe items that are currently rented by the user with the ability to call a courier to return them;
  • order history - information about all orders made by the user is presented in a tabular format, taking into account their status.

The functionality of renting your own things

Our developers have added the ability to rent out users' items, it helps online clothing rental business to grow from day to day.
If users want to lease their clothes, they should fill the form and add photos of the things in the appropriate quality. Next, users have to wait for moderation their applications.

Search, filters and sorting

Quick and convenient search of the necessary wardrobe item on the site by product name, filtering color, brand, size and price . This functionality works dynamically without the necessity to reload the page.

Information about the project

Project: Sharing fashion
Type pf project: Start-up
Type of work: "Turnkey" website
Team: 6 people
Stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Payment: fixed cost

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