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Event ticketing service.

Project highlights is a website for selling tickets. It allows users to easily find shows of their favorite artists and choose seats on an interactive concert hall map.

Project goals

  • To boost ticket sales
  • To increase customer loyalty
  • To automate business processes
  • To improve ShowImpulse brand perception


  • UX. New website works equally well on mobile and desktops. Users can choose their seats on accurate interactive hall layouts.
  • Functionality. To increase customer loyalty, we developed a discount system and promo codes. To make saving and using tickets easy for clients. Websites can make
  • Automation. We automated interaction with partners, built a system that takes stock of booked and sold tickets and added the ability to manage and group events.
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Choosing and buying tickets

We attempted to make UI as easy as possible. Users can buy tickets with a few clicks.
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Users can choose between one of 3 types of tickets: electronic, mobile, or physical.
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The most interesting challenge in this project was concert hall mechanics. It’s was important to have precise schemas and the ability to select each seat individually. We implemented the mechanics using 3 SVG layers. 

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Managing events

Admins can add new events in 3 steps:

  1. Setting up dates, location, ticket types, and payment methods.
  2. Setting up sectors.
  3. Setting price and assigning colors to each ticker class.

We also added different time zones support.

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To enable online payments, we connected PayPal and Authorize, for QR-codes generation — Code Reader App.

Admin account

We implemented a fully-featured admin account made as SPA (single page app).

Provider account

Admin can add partners who sell tickets through their platforms.
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Project evolution

A few months after the launch, the client contacted us again. He appreciated the UX and features of his new web app. So we came up with an idea of a ticketing SaaS platform based on the ShowImpulse functionality.

Information about the project

Service: turnkey website development
Industry: entertainment, showbiz
Target market: US, Canada
Team: 6 members
Tech Stack: Python / Django, JavaScript / Vue.js
Payment: Fixed price
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