Smart Linza

Customer: Online-marketing Studio «MorkoV»

Online-shop selling contact lenses and accessories.

Selling contact lenses is a very specific aspect of business. It has a number of features. We faced a number of difficult technical problems, but we successfully dealt with them.

Daily Contact lenses
Two-week Contact lenses
Monthly Contact Lenses
Quarterly Contact lenses
Extended Wear Contact Lenses
Color Contact lenses
There is a catalog with an easy search system. It contains all the necessary filters and sorting, and there is an easy and clear switch between categories..
We took into consideration that in order for clients to maximize their return on their lenses, lenses should be selected by the greatest number of characteristics. To that end, we have developed a special menu that allows users to easily select necessary options.
A client can easily browse the history and information about his/her orders in his/her own profile. .

Information about the project

Project Online-shop «Smart Linza»
Type of project: Online store
Customer: Online-marketing Studio «Morkov»
Tech stack: JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django

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