"Sribna rosa"

CRM software “Sribna Rosa”

Workflow automation for purified water delivery company

CRM “Sribna Rosa” (Ukrainian for “silver drew”) is an automated system that helps receive and fulfill orders. It increases user experience by speeding up the company's workflows — from receiving a call to product shipment.

Project highlights

We had a task to develop a CRM technology for easy and effective workflow management. To come up with a solution, we processed data on clients and employees. What we did:

  1. Created unified and structured client database
  2. Developed a user-friendly platform that handles all client-related processes.
  3. Consolidated all communication channels
  4. Implemented stats reporting tool that helps analyze market and customer behavior

Key Features

Customer database

Our client had a client database scattered across sheets of papers and the old website’s database. So, we digitized and consolidated all the customer data.

We implemented adding customer cards that keep stats and order history on each client. Client card contains:


contact, address, balance, etc.


order history


purchase stats

Order management

Online orders and VoIP integration

Our major priorities were communication channel consolidation and speeding up order fulfillment.

Now, requests for purified water delivery can be received in two ways: through a phone call and through online ordering by filling out a form on the company's website.

Integration with a website

Our team implemented API integration for the website and CRM. When clients fill out an online ordering form, CRM saves information about them, so an operator instantly sees order details.


Connected the VoIP phone. When a client calls, a card with info about him automatically pops up. In 95% of cases, the operator only has to press the “reorder” button.

Order placement

To improve the user experience, we enabled placing an order in just a few clicks. We audited the company's workflows and found out that clients’ delivery addresses rarely change, as well as the number of bottles and payment methods. That's why we enabled the “repeat order” feature.


Receive a call.


Click the “repeat order” button.


Confirm the order by pressing the “save” button.

Order status

To make managing orders easy, we added statuses: new, active, done, canceled, and “break” (in case of a car breakdown or other emergencies).

Editing orders

Operators and drivers can manually edit ‘new’ and ‘active’ orders in case of error.

CRM user accounts

We enabled 6 different types of user accounts with different functions:


Superadmin has access to all the data in CRM and can edit anything in the customer system and admin panel.


Operators can create, edit, or edit client and order cards. They also assign drivers and can read daily reports.

Loader / driver

Driver user account has a list of orders sorted by priority. The driver uses CRM on the tablet PC that is always with him. He can click on the card and check/edit the order details.

We also integrated the Google Maps service. So drivers always see the precise delivery address on the map.


Storekeepers can manage the company's turnover using CRM software.


Bookkeepers have access to daily financial reports.

Extra features

Bonus system

To increase customer loyalty and sales, we added a bonus system to the CRM. For every 10th bottle (the number can be changed in the admin panel) client gets a pack of water for free.


Employees should be able to receive data about the orders instantly. To enable instant data exchange between browser and server, we leveraged WebSockets protocol.

Information about the project

Project: “Sribna Rosa”
Type of project: СRM development
Industry: water delivery Water delivery
Service: turnkey web development
Tech Stack: Python / Django
Team: 5 members
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