ERP-system for TCG logistics

The system of automatization of business processes for one of the leaders in the sphere of goods delivery from China to Ukraine


  • business transparency
  • the possibility to see the whole picture of the state of the business in one place
  • reducing the time for processing orders and other routine operations
  • increasing the convenience of cooperation for clients


Creating an unified area for customer support, warehouse employees, managers and customers.Transferring of all business processes to a new system, from processing leads to salary calculation.

Supply Chain Management

The ordering process is divided into the following steps:
  1. receiving an application from a client;
  2. receiving goods to a warehouse in China;
  3. packaging, insurance, sorting by shipping methods;
  4. delivery of goods to a warehouse in Ukraine;
  5. sending to the client and payment receiving.
Each of these steps is carried out and controlled by a separate user role in the system.

Warehouse employee's workplace

The functionality of the system allows to: - Keep tracking of newly arrived shipments to the warehouse - Generate and print label stickers -Form shipments and cargos and account expenses -Track delivery status at every stage -Calculate shipping costs automatically -Scan packages upon receipt and keep track of lost ones

Integration with Nova Poshta

Integration with Nova Poshta - most popular Ukrainian delivery service When sending packages by Nova Poshta (NP), the system automatically generates consignment notes and registers. The storekeeper can print the NP label and stick it on each part of shipment. If something changes in the delivery schedule, the system interface allows to exclude some parts from the consignment note or to move it to the register of another day. The system automatically monitors the delivery status and notifies a custo

CRM module / Manager workstation

Work with leads:
  1. Automatic generation of leads from site forms and IP telephony
  2. Lead interface: Comments, Statuses, Reminders of the upcoming event (CALL / MEETING)
  3. Analytics by source of requests
Work with clients:
  1. All interaction history
  2. Attaching of personal manager to the client
  3. Doing accounts
  4. Analytics of turnover for 1, 3, 6 months

Financial module / Accountant's workplace

The system automatically calculates shipping costs, fix expenses and actual receipts of funds. In addition,such functionalities have been implemented:

  1. Accounting of income and expenses
  2. Accountable funds of employees
  3. Automatic salaries calculation
  4. Control of clients payments


The dashboard displays the main indicators of the company for tracking and quick management decisions:

  1. Monthly profit of the company:

  2. The amount of new requests to the company in dynamics
  3. The number of packages in process and their main indicators
  4. Employees performance report
  5. Rating of clients by turnover for 1, 3 and 6 months

Project development

The implementation of complex automatization system makes a significant impact on all main indicators of business profitability. Therefore, this ERP-system is being monthly modernized and developed. We are working on optimizing the interface and adding new functionality. This increases the convenience of using the system and allows it to cover all business processes in the company. The next step of the improvement of the project is creating the mobile application for warehouse employees.

Information about the project

Project type ERP-system
Industry Logistic
Tech stack JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team 8 people

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