Zoho CRM integration

Our company did integrations with many of CRM systems like amoCRM, Bitrix24, Bpm’online CRM. Lot so long ago we got the request from the WhiteSales company on integration of the website http://whitesales.ua/ with popular CRM system for small business ZOHO CRM.

Tasks we have

We have the complex tasks in which terms our systems need to check a lot of conditions and as the result make an action in CRM system.

Interactions scheme with ZOHO was:

So after filling up the feedback form on the website, we need to create in CRM system

  • deal
  • contact
  • taks


To reach this task our developers did algorithm for finding contact\deal in the CRM database, in terms of which couple of scenarios was produced:

Contacts search - we check if the phone number or email already in the database, depending on the answer we create new contact or rewrite clients data, updating them.

Deals search - after checking if there are deal on the contact, we create or rewrite deal making tasks in it if necessary.


Проект Zoho CRM integration
Website http://whitesales.ua/
Type of work Back-end

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