"Pani Yanovska" women clothing shop

New design and functionality add-ons for ecommerce website “Pani Yanovska”

For successful e-shop, good design and usability are very important. That is why such task was delivered to our team.

Main look, homepage.

First steps that we made to reach the purpose, was the fully new look for the site and functionality add-ons such as: online payment system, preview mechanic etc.

Nowadays, in the terms of hard competitiveness between e commerce sites, being the leader is possible just by adding something new to the website the can give maximum usability to the client. Just for the last month we added: 3D images, YML and XLS downloads and uploads, and also many small things, that increase the website usability.


Project e-shop ”Pani Yanovska”
Website www.paniyanovska.ua
Type of work front-end and back-end, support

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