New design and functionality add-ons for e-commerce website “Pani Yanovska”

For a successful e-shop, good design and usability are very important. That is this task was delivered to our team.

Look like that homepage.

First, we implemented a fully new look for the site and increased functionality with add-ons such as an online payment system, a preview mechanic, and more.

Nowadays, in the terms of hard competitiveness between e commerce sites, increasing the ease of client usablity on your site can put you in first place. Just in the last month we have added 3D images, YML and XLS downloads and uploads, and also many small things that increase the website usability.

Information about the project

Project Online store
Industry E-commerce
Type of work front-end and back-end, support
Tech specs JavaScript / Vue.js, Python / Django
Team 5 people
Watch the website

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