Information and analytics portal about Belarus gas stations « Motor fuel And Belarus Gas station»

«« Motor fuel And Belarus Gas station» is an independent informational-analytical service focused on the current condition, tendencies, and perspectives of growth in the motor fuel market and gas stations in the Belarus

Our company collected all the information about gas station companies in Belarus that work on the retail fuel market. Information about each gas station must not only consist of basic, indentifying data but also includes analytic data such as sales and customer programmes.
We have developed modern and user friendly interfaces that allow users to find information about the minimal prices at each gas station very quickly. All current gas sales can be found on the home page, so every user can get up to date information with every visit to the site.
Background changes depending the time of day to helpset the mood for the user.
A responsive layout that allows any user with any mobile device to receive up-to-date information from the website.
Location services make it possibile to determine a route on the map with many filters to choose the right gas-station for you. Users are able to find the closest gas station with their specified services and minimal prices.
We developed map services directly connected to Google maps. Users are able to read all information about gas stations with a simple click on the marker on the map.
Under every article in the “News” and “Analytics”, we included the “sharing” button option, and because of comment functions, a user can share his\her opinion with other users. All comments go through the moderation.
For quick information access we developed the “search” function.
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Denis Kamenshikov service Founder

To fulfil our project we selected a vendor on competitive basis. We announced an open on-line tender on special web-portal where many web-developers were registered and sought for new jobs. After having chosen a row of potential vendors we started with them a separate negotiation process to choose a winner. There were many web-studios that took a participation in our tender and provided us initial proposals how to realize our ideas and what we were to pay in the end.

As the result we get our team-work software product that allows us to achieve our goals. And we think that the developer is too proud of the job as it took a particular place in its portfolio. Do we recommend «Webcase»? The best answer is that we still keep jointly develop and tune up our project.

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